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The world of Pop Vinyl figures: Collection, characters and exclusive editions

Dive into the fascinating world of Pop Vinyl figures! These little vinyl creations have become one of the most sought-after collector’s items, bringing together fans of all ages and backgrounds. Discover their history, the most popular collections, where to find the best deals and much more.

Dive into the world of Pop Vinyl figurines

figurines Pop VinylPop Vinyl figurinesPop Vinyl figurines have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world, thanks to their unique design and the impressive variety of characters represented. But how did these adorable little statuettes come into being?

The beginnings of the Funko brand

The history of Pop Vinyl figures begins with the creation of the Funko company. Founded in 1998 by Brian Mariotti, the company began by producing accessories and toys for adults, before specializing in vinyl figurines. The dazzling success of the first creations propelled Funko onto the international market.

The evolution of Pop Vinyl figures

Over the years, Funko has diversified its product range to offer collectors an ever-wider choice. Today, Pop Vinyl figures come in a multitude of series and licenses, covering cinema, television, video games and music.

Explore the different Pop Vinyl figurine collections

figurines collection Pop VinylPop Vinyl figurine collectionsPop Vinyl figurine collections are many and varied. They include Harry Potter, Fortnite, Dragon Ball, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Naruto, Pokémon, My Hero Academia, One Piece and many more.

The most popular collections

Among the most popular collections are those linked to cult film franchises and TV series. The popularity of these universes stems in part from the large number of iconic characters they feature, allowing collectors to rediscover their favorite heroes in the form of Pop Vinyl figurines.

Rare and sought-after figurines

Some Pop Vinyl figures are particularly rare and sought-after by collectors. These may be limited editions, specific variants or exclusives offered at events such as Comic Con. These unique pieces can fetch very high prices on the market.

How to buy Pop Vinyl figurines

Buying Pop Vinyl figurines can sometimes be complicated, as the range is so vast and diverse. Here are a few tips to help you find the best deals and avoid counterfeits.

Where to buy Pop Vinyl figurines

Pop Vinyl figurines are available in a wide range of outlets, from specialist stores to online resellers such as Micromania, Zing and Amazon. Don’t hesitate to compare prices between several retailers to find the best deal.

How to find the best deals

To find the best deals, it’s important to keep an eye out for promotions and flash sales. Online auction sites like eBay can also offer great opportunities to acquire Pop Vinyl figurines at good prices.

Tips for caring for your Pop Vinyl figurines

To keep your Pop Vinyl figurines in perfect condition, it’s essential to handle them with care and store them in a suitable place.

How to store your figurines

The best way to store your Pop Vinyl figurines is in their original box. If you prefer to display them out of their packaging, be sure to protect them from dust and humidity.

How to clean your figurines

To clean your Pop Vinyl figurines without damaging them, use a soft, slightly damp cloth or a soft brush to remove dust. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the paint or material.

Presentation ideas for a Pop Vinyl figurine collection

Showcasing your collection of Pop Vinyl figurines is essential if you are to enjoy these cherished objects to the full. Here are a few ideas to enhance your precious statuettes.

Storage ideas

Choose wall-mounted shelves or display cabinets specially designed to hold your figurines. You can also use individual holders or stackable transparent boxes to protect each piece while showcasing it to its best advantage.

Presentation ideas

Play with colors and shapes to create an original, harmonious display. You can group your figurines by universe, by character or by color for an aesthetically pleasing, coherent visual effect.


Pop Vinyl figurines are much more than a simple collector’s item: they embody our passion for the universes we hold dear. So don’t wait any longer to add to your collection and let yourself be carried away by the magical world of Pop Vinyl figurines!