Jordan Clark

Comic Book Artist

Jordan Clark is a comic book writer living in Baltimore, MD. His latest work is “What’s Love Got to do With It?” with Naomi Franquiz (Misfit City), which was a part of the Bitch Planet: Triple Feature anthology by Image Comics.
His self-published work includes Duality an anthology that looks at the blurring lines between the physical world we live in and the digital world we spend more and more time in, Kane Maverick, a pulp adventure comedy about a hero who has to learn how to solve problems he can’t punch or blow up, and Lense, a horror comic about an artist who gets stalked through social media.
He’s currently working on a comic about a paranormal public defender who takes on a case based on Kaleif Browder’s, as well as one about a town that has to learn to defend itself after it’s hero mysteriously disappears.
If you want to read his ramblings on comics, movies, race, and or his cat, you can check out his website: or follow him on Twitter @Jrsosa18. ​